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Cuban Happy For Cowboys' Resurgence



    Cuban Happy For Cowboys' Resurgence
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    Mark Cuban

    There has been some minor beef in the past between the Arlington bunkmates known as the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers, really just because of some occasional comments made by former Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler back when the Rangers were winning AL pennants and the Cowboys were going 8-8.

    But when it comes to the Cowboys and the Dallas Mavericks, all seems to be well between the pro sports neighbors. So much so, in fact, that Mavs owner Mark Cuban has a suite in AT&T Stadium where he watched Sunday's rout of the Colts to clinch the NFC East.

    Cuban said the Cowboys' surprising season has not only been good for the Cowboys, and for DFW, but just for "sports" in general.

    “There was nobody, nobody – inside the organization, outside the organization, media, fans – that didn’t think they were going to suck. Nobody. Nobody,” Cuban told ESPN Dallas. “And the fact that they’re good, the fact that they’ve come together, proving the point that’s why they play the games, is great not just for the Cowboys and Dallas fans everywhere, but it’s great for sports.

    “The Cowboys’ resurrection [came] with a team that nobody predicted – I mean, nobody predicted – to have any success. You could even see it in Jerry’s face that he was resigned to not being that good this season after they lost Sean Lee. It’s great not just for the Cowboys, but for sports in general.”