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Cowboys Stadium: Awesome For Football, Not So Hot For Rock



    As you may or may not know, U2 played the new Cowboys Stadium on Monday night. I saw U2 at the old Foxboro Stadium a long time ago. It was cold, the band was a thousand miles away, and the couple standing next to me wouldn’t share their joint. Weak. Surely, hearing them at the Double J’s new palace would serve as an improvement. Maybe people even got to have sex in the bathroom during “Bullet The Blue Sky”. It’s an awesome song for that sort of thing.

    But the reviews are rolling in, and the verdict is clear. If you’re going to see a concert at Cowboys Stadium, you better darn well have a good seat.

    From the Dallas Morning News comments section:


    The show was excellent. The only thing that would have made it better was if it would have been at the AA Center. The stadium is amazing, but not for concerts. The sound in the upper section was not even audible. We moved to the party area and it was better, but did not do Bono justice…

    The sound was absolutely horrible…

    Sound sucked in the upper seats during opener so we moved down. Some of us ended up in the party area. Some found a way to get to floor. U2 was awesome - once you could hear them. I agree. If you go to concert here, make sure you are in lower section or don't go…

    Worst sound at any venue I've ever heard! I would never attend a concert at Cowboys stadium again. Now we know!…



    Taken separately, the Claw (U2’s huge set piece) and Cowboy Stadium are epic feats of engineering, but throwing them together was like trying to wedge the Guggenheim Museum into the foyer of the Met.



    It was a bitter disappointment and a complete rip-off, though not because of the band's performance. It was the fault of the gleaming new Cowboys Stadium, which has horrible, horrible acoustics, at least at the plebeian level where Matthew's seat and mine were. One doesn't expect concert-hall quality acoustics at a stadium, but this was by far the worst I've ever experienced at a concert.

    Then again, not being able to hear Bono lecture you about relieving Third World debt, or being forced to listen to any U2 song that isn’t “Sunday Bloody Sunday” doesn’t sound like the worst fate in the world. It may come in handy should the Warped Tour ever come to town.