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Carr's Agent Draws Line in the Sand



    Carr's Agent Draws Line in the Sand
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    Brandon Carr, as we all know, didn't record an interception last season. That coming from the guy who was supposed to be the best cornerback on the Dallas Cowboys, and definitely the highest-paid one.

    A lot of good can be said about Carr — he's a good locker room presence, he never lacks effort and he seems like an all-around good guy — but you can't make $8 million per year and not have an interception. Carr did play well down the stretch in 2014, but his performance didn't live up to his salary.

    It wasn't out of the realm of possibility that Carr could be back in 2015, but it would almost certainly involve the veteran cornerback taking a pay cut, as the Cowboys currently have just $5 million of free cap space for the 2015 season, barring anyone else restructuring their deal or taking a pay cut. That's not likely.

    What's also not likely? Carr being a Cowboy after his agent, Ben Dogra, came out and told the Star-Telegram that Carr would not be taking a pay cut. That means it's most likely that Carr will be cut by the Cowboys some time before June. With Morris Claiborne likely to start the 2015 season on the PUP list and Sterling Moore going bye-bye in the car-car, the cornerback depth is even thinner than it was before, and if the Cowboys have to cut Carr it's going to be severely lacking behind ace corner Orlando Scandrick.