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Reading With You: Back to School Book List

NBC 5, Telemundo 39, the Fort Worth Public Library and Reading Partners North Texas are Reading With You. We have compiled a wonderful list of books to encourage our young readers to continue reading as they head back to school. The book list below includes books that can be borrowed for FREE in the Fort Worth Public Library Catalog and a great list of books recommended by our partners at Reading Partners North Texas in English and Spanish.

To apply for a free Fort Worth Public Library card, click HERE. Any student currently attending pre-K through 12th grade at any formally recognized educational institution in North Texas may borrow Fort Worth Public Library books at no cost. Students do not have to be residents of Fort Worth to do so. They can get a Non-Resident Student library card from any Fort Worth Public Library location and the card provides them access to digital content as well as physical materials.



This list highlights a variety of books for youth that will make you roll on the floor with laughter.

You can find these books and more laugh out loud books for youth in the Fort Worth Public Library catalog. Find the catalog HERE.


I Am Invited to a Party! By Mo Willems. Piggie is invited to her first party. What will she wear? Her elephant friend Gerald, the party expert, knows just how to help . . . or does he? Find it in the catalog HERE.


Rhyme Crime. By Jon Burgerman. A word thief keeps stealing words and replacing them with rhymes . . . until they get to the word orange! Find it in the catalog HERE.

Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet. By Kelly DiPucchio. Gilbert has everything a goldfish could want, except a pet of his own, but none of the animals who come near his fishbowl seem quite right. Find it in the catalog HERE

There’s a Monster in Your Book. By Tom Fletcher. There’s a monster in your book and it needs you to shake, tilt and wiggle the book to help get the monster out. Find it in the catalog HERE

Stuck. By Oliver Jeffers. Floyd’s kite is stuck in a tree and he needs to knock it down, which he keeps trying to do with increasingly larger and more absurd things. Find it in the catalog HERE.

Don’t Blink! By Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Every time you blink, the page turns and brings you closer to the end of the book – and bedtime. Find it in the catalog HERE.



Spirit Week Showdown. By Crystal Allen. The Magnificent Mya Tibbs is excited about participating in School Spirit Week, until she gets paired up with the biggest bully in school. Find it in the catalog HERE.

Wed Wabbit. By Lissa Evans. You’re called Fidge and you’re nearly 11. You’ve been hurled into a strange world. Everything about the whole situation is weird and the whole thing is your fault. Good luck! Find it in the catalog HERE.

Ghosted. By Michael Fry. Larry’s best friend has ghosted him – quite literally. Now he has to survive not only a new school year, but the ghostly pranks of his best friend. Find it in the catalog HERE.

Belly Up. By Stuart Gibbs. Twelve-year-old Teddy investigates when a popular Texas zoo’s star attraction – Henry the hippo – goes belly up. Find it in the catalog HERE.

Dear Sweet Pea. By Julie Murphy. Patricia, aka Sweet Pea, finds herself a hometown hero when she stars an unofficial advice column for kids in her neighborhood. Find it in the catalog HERE.

Ghost Squad. By Claribel Ortega. Ghosts are the family business, so it’s kind of a big deal when Lucey and her best friend cast a spell and release a ton of ghosts right before Halloween. Now they have to reverse the curse and save the town. What could go wrong? Find it in the catalog HERE.

Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor. By Jon Sciesczka. Child genius Frank Einstein tries to invent a robot that can learn on its own and his archnemesis T. Edison steals the robots for his doomsday plan. Find it in the catalog HERE.

Wedgie & Gizmo. By Suzanne Selfors. Gizmo, an evil genius guinea pig, searched for a new evil lair where he can plot to take over the world but he is constantly thwarted by Wegie, a corgi superhero. Find it in the catalog HERE.

Alien Superstar. By Henry Winkler. When an alien named Buddy crash lands on the Hollywood movie lot, he is cast right away and becomes a superstar. But how long can he keep his secret? Find it in the catalog HERE.


Alberto comienza la escuela - escrito por Eleanor May, ilustrado por Deborah Melmon y traducido por Madelca Domínguez. [2016] ¡Alberto se muere de ganas por ir a la escuela! Pero cuando llega el lunes descubre que la escuela es muy diferente a la casa. ¡A Alberto le espera una semana llena de sorpresas!

Dora goes to school = Dora va a la escuela - adaptado por Leslie Valdés, basado en el guión original de Leslie Valdés e ilustrado por MJ. [2014] En el primer día de escuela Dora y Boots ayudan a su maestra con una llanta ponchada de su bicicleta.

Ramón no quiere ir a la escuela - ilustrado por Marco Campanella y escrito por Anna Casalis. [2016] Es el primer día de clases y Ramón no quiere ir. Cuando su madre le dice que puede quedarse en casa con ella, él se alegra hasta que descubre que no tiene tiempo para jugar con él. Pasa por la escuela y ve a sus amigos divirtiéndose y cambia de opinión acerca de no ir.

Si llevas un raton a la escuela - escrito por por Laura Numeroff ; ilustrado por Felicia Bond ; traducido por Teresa Mlawer. [2003] Sigue a un niño y su ratón durante un ocupado día en la escuela.

El día en que descubres quién eres - escrito por Jacqueline Woodson, ilustrado por Rafael López y traducido por Teresa Mlawer. [2018] Otros estudiantes se ríen cuando Rigoberto, un inmigrante de Venezuela, se presenta pero luego conoce a Angelina y descubre que no es el único que se siente un extraño.


Summer Babies by Kathryn O. Galbraith. Snuggle up with your baby and read this board book about spending a summer day in the park. Available in the catalog HERE.

Dr. Seuss’s Summer Things. Join Thing 1 and Thing 2 as they spend their summer days at the shore. Available in the catalog HERE.


Summer by Ann Herriges. Learn all about the season we call Summer in this early nonfiction book for beginning readers. Available in the catalog HERE.


And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner. From flip-flops and hide and seek to fireworks and ice-cream trucks, there is something for everyone in this bright and buoyant celebration of the summer season. Available in the catalog HERE.

Swashby and the Sea by Beth Ferry. No-nonsense Captain Swashby is used to the sea meeting all of his needs and when, after his retirement, new neighbors disturb his solitary life, the sea helps in just the right way. Available in the catalog HERE.

The Summer Nick Taught His Cat to Read by Curtis Manley. Nick tries to teach his cat to read. Available in the catalog HERE.

Summer Supper by Rubin Pfeffer. From farm to table, learn all about how we get our food with the story about the creation of a family meal. Available in the catalog HERE. 

On the First Day of Summer Vacation by Tish Rabe. Explore everything the summer has to offer in this fun picture book that adapts the 12 Days of Christmas to a summer theme. Available in the catalog HERE.

Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan. Two boys explain the mysterious rules they learned over the summer as they learn how to navigate friendship and conflict. Available in the catalog HERE.


Syndey A Frankle’s Summer Mix-Up by Danielle Joseph. Friends Maggie and Sydney create a daring scheme to take the summer classes the want to take. Available in the catalog HERE.

The Last Last-Day-of-Summer by Lamar Giles. Cousins Otto and Sheed accidentally freeze time on the last day of summer. Available in the catalog HERE.

Caterpillar Summer by Gillian McDunn. Cat spends the summer with the grandparents she never knew in a moving book that captures the heart of summer . . . and family. Available in the catalog HERE.

Summer of the Sea Serpent by Mary Pope Osborne. In the popular series, Jack and Annie travel in their magic tree house to the land of the mystical selkies to seek a magical sword for Merlin. Available in the catalog HERE.

Summer of Brave by Amy Noelle Parks. Lilla is dared by her best friend to start telling the truth instead of trying to keep everyone happy and now she has to decide if this is the summer, she will be brave. Available in the catalog HERE.

The Summer Camp from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler. Hubie tries to survive summer “camp” full of activities like, avoid the snakes in the lake and more in this summer themed installment of the popular and humorous series for young chapter book readers. Available in the catalog HERE.


Grades K-1 English

All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold

Evelyn Del Ray is Moving Away by Meg Medina

Me & Mama by Cozbi A. Cabrera

One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies

See the Cat: Three Stories About a Dog by David LaRochelle

Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World by Melanie Walsh

Thank You, Omu by Oge Mora

The Animals Would Not Sleep by Sara Levine

We Are Growing! By Laurie Keller

Grades K-1 Spanish

Deslízate, Serpiente! por Shelby Alinski

Evelyn Del Ray Se Muda por Meg Medina

Gracias, Omu! por Oge Mora

La Boca Más Hambrienta del Mar por Peter Walters

Las Espinacas de Sylvia por Katherine Pryor

Grades 2-3 English

Deep in the Desert by Rhonda Lucas Donald

Geeger the Robot to the Rescue by Jarrett Lerner

Henry and Bea by Jessixa Bagley

Milo Imagines the World by Matt de la Peña

My Very Favorite Book in the Whole Wide World by Michael Robertson

Please Please the Bees by Gerald Kelley

The Dirt Book by David L. Harrison

The Empty Pot by Demi

Tudley Didn't Know by John Himmelman

Grades 2-3 Spanish

La Maceta Vacía por Demi

Milo Imagina el Mundo por Matt de la Peña

No Se Permiten Elefantes por Lisa Mantchev

Tudley No Sabia por John Himmelman

Una Casa Para Cangrejo Ermitaño por Eric Carle

Grades 4-5 English

Baby Mouse Queen of the World by Jennifer & Matthew Holm

Greystone Secrets #1: The Strangers by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Mistakes That Worked by Charlotte Foltz Jones

Return to Sender by Julia Alvarez

Serena Says by Tanita S. Davis

Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

The Astounding Broccoli Boy by Frank Cottrell Boyce

The Compton Cowboys: Young Readers' Edition by Walter Thompson-Hernandez

What is Climate Change? By Gail Herman

Grades 4-5 Spanish

Devolver al Remitente por Julia Alvarez

Escuela de Espías por Stuart Gibbs

La Matadragones: Cuentos de Latinoamérica por Jaime Hernandez

Maya Erikson y El Misterio del Laberinto por Jack Chabert

Un Chico de lo Más Normal por Gordon Korman

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