Tarrant County

Grocery Delivery Service Protects Seniors

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Caring for senior neighbors is the sole mission of a nonprofit centered in the mid-cities of Tarrant County.

Transportation, home repairs and social outreach are key programs. And, in the coronavirus pandemic fighting hunger has also become an important mission.

"We also have implemented due to COVID, a grocery store pick up and delivery service for our seniors. They are the most vulnerable, so we are helping them stay safe," said Mid-Cities Cares Corps Executive Director Elizabeth M. Grace.

"It's just safer for me to not get out into a big crowd like at the grocery store or the mall, so they've been kind enough to bring my groceries to me. And it's wonderful," said David Delfeld, 82, as he unloaded groceries delivered to his Hurst apartment complex by a Cares Corps volunteer.

"I'm just so eternally grateful. It makes it easier on me not having to walk," said client Albert Emerson in Haltom City.

Emerson is in his 70s and for a year, he walked in the heat or cold to get to the store for food and medicine for him and his wife.

"Walmart is two miles from here and it would take me four hours 'cause I would have to stop so many times. Coming back would take longer, probably five hours with carrying groceries and stuff; all I could carry," Emerson said.

Now he hops a ride with Mid-Cities Care Corps or just gives a volunteer a list of what he and his wife need.

"When they went shopping for me, with everything going on, that, to me, put them in the hero classification," Emerson said.

The nonprofit's ability to pivot in the pandemic to serve its clients will get a boost with a $20,000 Project Innovation grant powered by the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation.

"All these programs are for seniors 65 and older and 60 with a disability and it's a free service. There is no other requirement other than age. and we are just here to serve with help, hope and healing," Grace said.

And, in the crisis of a pandemic, delivering senior neighbors peace of mind.

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