El Paso Pawn Shop Selling Pancho Villa's Purported Finger

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    An El Paso pawn says it has a finger claiming to have been Pancho Villa's.

    Want to buy a piece of Pancho Villa? His trigger finger, or at least a severed appendage claiming to have been his, is on sale at Dave's Pawn Shop in El Paso.

    Experts note that the famed Mexican Revolution-era marauder never had a finger cut off. Even Dave's admits to being unsure whether it's real.

    And, with a price tag of $9,500, it's unlikely anyone will buy the finger.

    But perhaps 20 people a day stop in to inquire about it. If they come for the finger, they may stay for a whole host of other oddities.

    Also on sale at Dave's is a "true live baby vampire heart," a full-size mummy, the remains of a "Devil Fish" and a skeleton of a "Chupacabra," a blood-sucking beast in Mexican lore.