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Cat Returns Two Years After Bastrop County Wildfires



    A house burns off of Texas State Highway 21, Tuesday afternoon Sept. 6, 2011. (AP Photo/Ryan Edwards/The Daily Texan)

    The cat's back.

    A Central Texas couple's pet named Sushi disappeared two years ago during wildfires but the feline recently returned.

    The Austin American-Statesman reported Monday that Doug Maitland and Sharen Armstrong-Maitland of Cedar Creek were surprised when Sushi showed up. The couple evacuated during September 2011 wildfires and Sushi disappeared amid the commotion.

    Maitland says he was on a ladder painting his house when he noticed a familiar skinny kitty in some weeds.

    Sushi, who was spayed years ago, joined two orphaned cats adopted by the couple since the fires.

    A black kitten turned up on the front porch a few days after Sushi returned. Armstrong-Maitland believes Sushi watched over the kitten in the wild and brought the little one along.

    The couple named the kitten Ninja.