Dallas Police Chief Proposes Expanding Bait Program

Brown to ask for funding for bait houses

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    The chief of Dallas police wants to expand the department's bait-car program to include bait homes and even bait stores.

    The current program uses hidden cameras and GPS tracking installed in cars to tempt thieves and guarantee convictions.

    Dallas Police to Ask for Funding for Bait Homes

    [DFW] Dallas Police to Ask for Funding for Bait Homes
    Dallas police are proposing to expand their bait-car program to include bait homes. (Published Tuesday, April 3, 2012)

    Brown will go before the City Council on Wednesday to ask for the funding to expand the program.

    Under the proposal, Brown wants to add bait houses. They will look like typical houses under construction but be wired with cameras and GPS tracking on desirable appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators.

    The plan would be similar for stores willing to participate. Police would wire hidden cameras in the store and place a tracking device on an item such as the cash register. The GPS would show police exactly where the stolen goods are going. It would also document the crime for prosecution.

    Brown wants to place the bait items at the intersections that are considered the top 10 crime spots in Dallas. He said he has already heard from some business owners in those areas that are interested in participating in the program.