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Complete coverage of the FBI Investigation of John Wiley Price

Rally In Support Of Commissioner Price Draws Hundreds

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    Every person at Sunday's rally for John Wiley Price received a sign saying "Justice for John."

    A rally in support of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price drew close to 800 people to St. Luke "Community" United Methodist Church.

    It's the second such large scale rally in less than a month.

    Price is the target of a federal investigation after the FBI raided his home and office, as well as the home and office of his political consultant Kathy Nealy and his assistant Daphne Fain.

    Every person who walked in the door received a sign saying "Justice for John" and a packed house prayed for justice as the rally began.

    Price was the guest of honor and drew cheers and a standing ovation. Price has not previously taken part in similar rallies.

    Religious leaders and former and current leaders in the black community spoke out in support of the commissioner.

    "Since they can no longer keep us from voting, they have gone after the people we elect, " said Hon. Diane Ragsdale, a former city council member.

    Supporters said Price's good name is being dragged through the mud even though formal charges have yet to be filed.

    "Let's stop the process of hints, insinuations, allegations and trying Commissioner John Wiley Price in the court of public opinion. Let's try him in the court of law where due process is guaranteed," said Dr. Michael Dyson, a professor at Georgetown University and longtime supporter of Price.

    Others questioned the intentions of the FBI.

    "Has the FBI ever investigated and harassed black leaders in the past?" said John Fullinwider, a historian. "Let's just let one stand for all, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."

    The usually outspoken commissioner told NBC 5 his attorney's had advised him not to talk to the media.

    No charges have been filed and no one has been accused of wrongdoing.