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Women Complain About Being Asked to Pipe Down on Flight

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    Passengers say an argument with a flight attendant ended with a three-hour interview with a terrorism task force.

    A group of North Texas women said an argument with an American Airlines flight attendant landed them with a three-hour interview with a terrorism task force last week.

    Kristine Kuklin and Yvette George said they and their five friends were asked to quiet down Sept. 10 while they were traveling to West Palm Beach, Fla., from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

    They said they were having a good time on the plane, laughing and taking pictures of each other, when a first-class flight attendant came back to coach to tell them they were disturbing the first-class passengers.

    An American Airlines spokesperson said the women were disruptive and did not follow crew member orders.

    The airline spokesperson said the women refused to put up their cell phones and took photos of the flight attendant, which is a security issue.

    Kuklin said they put up their phones when asked and took a photo of the flight attendant, who they said harassed them, for use in a complaint to the airline.

    The women said they were interrogated by a terrorism task force for three hours upon arriving in Florida.

    The FBI said no charges were being filed at this time.

    Kuklin said the incident ruined her weekend trip, which was planned after her yearlong battle with breast cancer.

    “It was good to be with my friends, however the knots in the stomach and that underlying, 'Are we going to get back on because each one of our names are tagged,' it just never went away,” Kuklin said. "They still haven't."