Water Main Break Gives Dallas Temporary Waterfall

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    A six-inch pipeline in the 2100 block of Olive Street failed, causing a waterfall on Woodall Rogers Freeway.

    A six-inch water pipe ruptured in Uptown Dallas, creating a mini waterfall on the Woodall Rogers Freeway.

    "I was thinking it was a pretty amazing thing. We were sitting there at work, and my buddy was like, 'We got a waterfall down there,'" said Rob Wickman, who saw the water pouring onto the freeway.

    "It's crazy, but it's pretty cool, though," said Andrew Dillman, another witness on the street.

    Randy Payton, the senior project manager for the Dallas Water Utilities, said a gas crew was working near the pipe when it failed. Payton said once the city can clear the area near the actual pipe, workers will be able to see what caused the leaking.

    Payton said the pressurized water pipe can pump between 4,000 and 7,000 gallons of water per minute. Payton didn't know how long the pipe had been spewing water.

    Witnesses saw water flow for roughly three-and-half hours. As much as 840,000 gallons could have flowed out of the pipe.

    Payton didn't want to speculate on who was at fault for the pipe leak, but said if a contractor is found liable, it could have to reimburse the city for its response, use of manpower and materials on the scene and for the water loss.