Vandals Destroy Dozens of American Flags

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    Richardson police are looking for vandals who destroyed more than 50 American flags.

    The flags were put up by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in observance of July Fourth.

    American Flags Vandalized in Richardson

    [DFW] American Flags Vandalized in Richardson
    Vandals tore and cut up more than 50 American flags put up by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in Richardson. (Published Friday, July 8, 2011)

    "There's vandalism, and then there's vandalism," Dennis Stewart said. "Desecrating the U.S. flag goes way beyond petty, criminal mischief."

    Stewart, who lives in the area, helped the children organize the holiday flag program as a fundraiser.

    He said he isn't sure how he'll explain the tattered and torn flags to the kids.

    "If they couldn't tear them, it looks like they cut them using a knife or razor blade," Stewart said.

    Diane Dees called police Thursday morning when she opened her front door to find a pile of flagpoles at her feet.

    "My pole was bent, and six or eight flagpoles were on my porch," said Dees, who lives on Gettysburg Lane.

    All of the streets in the neighborhood are named after famous American battles and generals. Homeowners take great pride in their patriotic displays.

    "I just don't understand why. Why do something like that?" Dees said.

    Stewart said he will meet with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts this weekend to collect the flags that are still standing.

    "We'll persevere [and] put them back out next holiday," he said. "This is not going to stop us for doing our job."

    Police said they hope someone who lives in the neighborhood has surveillance cameras that may have captured the vandalism.