Mesquite Residents Voice Concerns Over Assisted Living Facility

City Overturns Ordinance to Reduce Number of Tenants in Facility

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    A Mesquite home which converted to a state-licensed assisted living facility is getting attention after residents voiced safety concerns. At a recent council meeting, the City of Mesquite voted to overturn an ordinance that would reduce the number of people living in the facility.

    The action is not enough to placate residents who have had to change how they live since the facility opened up. Another major concern is now a registered sex offender lives in the facility.

    Residents Air Concerns Over Mesquite Assisted Living Facility

    [DFW] Residents Air Concerns Over Mesquite Assisted Living Facility
    Neighbors of a Mesquite assisted living facility say its residents have gotten out of control. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011)

    “Our little quiet neighborhood is not as safe as we thought it was,” said Chris Lee who lives across the facility.”

    Chris Lee has lived in his house for 15 years and doesn’t allow his two small children to play in the front yard since learning about the sex offender.

    “They don’t play in the front yard anymore, the front yard is off limits unless we’re here with them,” said Lee. “And we make sure that door is padlocked and locked, at all times.”

    Paul Sowards lives right next to the facility. He says since it’s been there, things have gotten out of control with facility residents wandering and roaming the neighborhoods.

    “One time they tried to enter my home at about 3 o’clock in the morning, uninvited!” said Sowards.
    A similar experience happened to resident Ashley Blackburn who lives a few doors down. 

    “We’ve had a guy walk inside of our house, we’ve had one get inside of our car,” said Blackburn. “We have a lock on our house now to where nobody can get in or out. We can’t even walk outside without even being completely terrified about the people who live across the street.”

    The owner of the facility, Boris Mason, said the neighbors' accusations were unfounded and unfair. In addition, no criminal reports have been reported on the facility.

    “It’s unfair to label this facility because these individuals are monitored 7/24,” said Mason.
    Mason said with the growing demand of seniors seeking affordable housing, he was just trying to help.

    “One is needed in this area because of the overwhelming demand of senior citizens, growing old, a lot of individuals cannot afford those high rise senior living facilities.”

    The City of Mesquite said by law, there is not much they can do about assisted living homes opening in residential neighborhoods.

    The city did overturn an ordinance to reduce the number of people living in the facility.