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McGregor Teen Walks Out of Hospital After Severe Brain Injury

Teenage Gymnast Heading Home After 14 Weeks in the Hospital



    (Published Friday, May 23, 2014)

    Three months after suffering a severe brain injury, Blake Hyland, 14, has many reasons to celebrate.

     "I'm really happy I can walk again like I used to, do everything that I use to," Hyland said. "Yes sir, except for my card tricks."
    Hyland's card tricks, which he's posted to YouTube over the years, will come in time, but considering that he was still in a hospital bed six weeks ago, his recovery is nothing short of amazing.
    "Because God is on all of our sides, every moment of the day," Hyland said. "When I grow up I want to become a Navy SEAL, so this is like another trial I have to go through."
    With his faith, positive attitude and unending online support, Blake and his parents, Pat and Cindy, are ready to move on to the next phase of his recovery.
    The family has spent the last 14 weeks at Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth. Neither Cindy or Blake have been home since the February 18h accident.
    "They've made it as much of a home as could be," Pat Hyland said. "That's why when we left the room today, it's just a little different, because, you know, we were leaving some place special that got him to a place to get him on his way to full restoration."
    Blake has many more months of physical therapy to go, which will happen in Tarrant County, but his parents, doctors and therapists have no doubt how he'll do.
    "Blake has carried us through a lot of this process," Pat said. "I think if you talked to the therapists, doctors and nurses, it's Blake. It's Blake's attitude that has encouraged them that what he can accomplish is unlimited."
    Including one of the biggest goals to come out of this ordeal, accomplished on Friday.
    "That we are going to be walking out of this hospital one day," Pat said.
    Literally and figuratively big steps for Blake.
    "It's going to feel great, yes sir, like I am the man that I use to be," Blake said.
    And to the applause and cheers of family and hospital staff, that's what Blake did on Friday afternoon. He walked out of the hospital with some help from his mom.
    "We said we were going to walk out of this hospital," Pat told his son.
    "And guess what we just did?" Blake responded.
    "You did it buddy. I'm so proud of you," Pat said.
    A moment that the family will never forget, but one of many more to come they hope.
    After leaving the hospital, the family headed for home in McGregor, where Blake was looking forward to seeing his pets and eating at his favorite restaurant.
    He was also set to be greeted by hundreds of classmates.