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Man Shot, Killed Outside Dallas Bar

The shooting happened at Sherlock's Pub on North Central Expressway



    (Published Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012)

    One man is dead and police are searching for the gunman after a shooting outside a popular pub Thursday morning. Now Oak Farms Dairy is a $10,000 reward for information in the case.

    The shooting happened at Sherlock’s Pub on North Central Expressway and Park Lane just before 1 a.m.

    The grieving parents of Don Morrow, 36, talked with NBC 5 after their son was gunned down while trying to stop a robbery. Dallas police say Morrow stepped in to protect a friend.

    "I want him remembered how he died, I think he was a hero to people," said Morrow's mother Margie Morrow.

    Morrow's parents say their son had been talking with two friends outside of Sherlock's Pub, when an armed robber demanded money from the group. Morrow took action and the gunman took his life.

    Dallas police say an armed robber first took aim at Don's friend, Donnie Bullock. Bullock tells investigators that the gunman demanded his wallet. He insisted that he didn’t have any money. That's when Don Morrow came to his rescue and punched the shooter. The gunman shot Don killing him instantly.

    Morrow tells NBC 5 that her son had the courage to do anything to protect anybody, just as he did in the final moments of his life. "I think he represents mankind well. He died as he lived and that would be helping someone," said Margie Morrow.

    His parents are struggling to understand, if it was all over a few dollars. "I would hope that wouldn't be it. That the world is so cold and desperate that a man would feel he'd have to do that," said Margie Morrow.

    Margie and Don Morrow are heartbroken knowing they'll never see their son again. "I know he'll never walk through that door," said Margie Morrow.

    The Morrows have a message for the shooter, who forever changed their lives. "That he hurt in some way in his life. Hurt. Whether it be physical or inside his heart, that he hurt like I have hurt this morning. The pain that I have felt, sometimes that's not physical, but to hurt. To lose somebody or something that means so much to him. There's nothing that will soothe or ease that pain," said Margie Morrow.

    Police said the gunman hopped in the passenger seat of a late 1990s model tan Nissan Altima. Investigators are still searching for the killer and the get-away driver.