In Wake of Shooting, UT Parents Worry

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    As word spread of a gun man at the University of Texas, students weren't the only ones on edge: North Texas parents worried about their kids who go to UT.

    "I got a call from a friend who heard it on the radio and called me and said, "Is your baby all right?'" said Dr. Ron Calhoun, a Desoto doctor. "And I'm like, "What are you talking about?'"

    Calhoun, whose daughter, Morgan, is a sophomore at UT, said he quickly panicked.

    "I was so uptight at that point, I mean, it's almost like you're gasping for air," he said.

    News of UT Gunman Terrifying for Parents

    [DFW] News of UT Gunman Terrifying for Parents
    As word spread of a gun man at UT, students weren't the only ones on edge.

    Morgan's mother, Loretta, an accountant, said she first received a voice mail from her daughter saying she was OK before she even knew there was a problem.

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    "I was extremely concerned," Loretta Calhoun said. "But when I talked to her and she said she was fine, then I was like, 'Thank God, you're fine.'"

    Morgan Calhoun, who is majoring in radio/TV/film, said she was getting ready for classes when she heard sirens and a warning over a loudspeaker.

    She said she stayed in a locked dorm room until the danger passed.

    "I was really scared," she said. "My roommate and I actually went to another friend's room."