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Group Wants to UNoccupy UNT

Students want occupiers removed from UNT's campus

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    A group of University of North Texas students want to clean up their campus, and that means kicking out the Occupy Denton group.

    Occupy Denton is camped out in front of UNT's art building, and UNoccupy UNT wants them gone.

    UNoccupy UNT says the protesters are creating a site for sore eyes.

    "Walking by, you can smell them, and you see them. You can see the trash cans, but if you really take a closer inspection, you see a lot of really grotesque things," UNoccupy UNT leader Alex Delgado said. "They have clam chowder that expired in July that they are eating out of."

    Delgado started a petition to remove the occupiers from campus.

    "This is our campus. This is our home for four years, so we should take pride in that," Delgado said.

    Brian Creasey says the occupy group has been challenged, but trash is not one of their hardships.

    "That's silly. We are really clean people. We take our trash out. We clean up after ourselves," Creasey said.

    Creasey said the campground is evolving, and new tents will pop up soon. The university supports free speech, allowing the group to stay as long as they follow school rules. The occupiers must be students or sponsored by a current student to camp on campus.

    "UNT as a university supports diversity in all forms, including opinions and voices, so as part of a well-rounded university experience, we want out students to be able to express their thoughts," UNT News Service Specialist Alyssa Yancy said.

    Delgado said he supports free speech, but wants to see it in a different place.