Father Robbed in Driveway With Daughter in Car

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    A father was robbed in the driveway of his own home Monday night is the latest of nearly 30 driveway robberies reported in Dallas since the start of the year. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014)

    A father and his daughter robbed in their driveway Monday night are the latest victims in a string of dozens of driveway robberies reported in Dallas since the start of the year.

    The number of driveway robberies in Dallas continues to climb with the latest attack reported outside a home on Province Lane, near White Rock Lake.

    Chris Kuhner was in the middle of unloading his car when a man approached him and demanded his wallet.

    “He pulled out a gun and pointed it at my head and said, ‘Give me your wallet now,’ and I didn't have my wallet on me, it was already in the house, so I couldn't give it to him,” Kuhner said. “I was trying to keep his attention away from the girl in the car, and keep his attention away from the house.”

    Kuhner had one of his daughters in the back seat of the car. She watched as the scene unfolded.

    “I thought he was going to get killed,” the girl said.

    Kuhner was able to fight off the robber.

    “I put my hand on his gun arm, at that point he got nervous, and turned around and ran off,” said Kuhner. “ I was thinking, if he did put a bullet in my head, that my kid would see it happen and that would be the last memory that they would have of their father.”

    Kuhner said the suspect jumped into the passenger seat of a navy blue sport utility vehicle, possibly a Tahoe.

    The Dallas Police Department is investigating Kuhner's story along with 30 other reported driveway robberies.