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Energy Company Plans to Cut Down Trees in Flower Mound

Residents concerned about Atmos Energy's plans for pipeline



    (Published Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012)

    Some Flower Mound residents are outraged at plan to cut down trees along a twelve mile stretch of land in town. Atmos Energy wants to clear the right-of-way around its natural gas pipeline.

    Flower Mound resident Kara Fugere said trees are a major attraction in the Town of Flower Mound.

    "This is a very tree-friendly town, and they [town leaders] keep it that way," Fugere said. "We really missed the trees from the Northeast, so this was a perfect place for us."

    The landscape in her neighborhood and in other parts of the town could soon change. Atmos Energy said a high-pressure natural gas line runs through Flower Mound. The company's plans to clear trees along the pipeline, calling it a safety issue.

    "We are talking about clearing the right-of-way, which we own, of all these brush and trees, so we can access our pipeline," Atmos Energy spokesperson Jennifer Ryan said. "We have to be able to get in to our pipeline if there is an emergency situation."

    Flower Mound leaders and state representatives, like Texas Senator Jane Nelson, are concerned with the plans to cut down the trees. They are asking Atmos to work with them to come up with a different option.

    Nelson released a statement that said:  "Every tree that can be saved, should be saved. While I understand Atmos believes they have the authority to do this, I would ask that they work with the Town of Flower Mound to ensure the public safety in a way that prevents the unnecessary destruction of trees."

    "We don't want to have to tear them down, but I think that safety trumps the situation," Ryan said.

    Atmos has put their plans on hold for now and will meet with Flower Mound officials Friday to discuss other options.