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Denton County Family Discovers Rare Fossil

Aubrey man, daughter find fossil of prehistoric fish



    (Published Friday, April 27, 2012)

    A Denton County family found a rare fossil in their backyard that is more than 100 million years old.

    The fossil found by Paul Jones and his 12-year-old daughter, Maggie, is now on exhibition at the University of North Texas.

    Maggie said it's the biggest show-and-tell of her life. She is telling everyone about the rare fossil she discovered near a creek in her Aubrey backyard.

    "I call it Bobby," she said.

    "Bobby" is worth bragging about. The discovery of the prehistoric fish fossil was accidental. Maggie and her father were roasting marshmallows at home when they took a walk near the creek.

    "I noticed these rocks out of place, and I turned them over and looked at them, and they had bones running through them," her father said.

    George Maxey, a UNT geography professor, said he was stunned at the discovery.

    "To have something come in that is that nice, that well-defined -- literally, the entire skull was embedded in the rock -- that was just exceptional," he said.