Dallas Woman Fights Oncor Meter Tampering Allegations

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    Oncor Electric Delivery is accusing a Dallas woman of tampering with the lock and seal on her electric meter.

    A Dallas woman is fighting allegations by Oncor Electric Delivery that she tampered with her electric meter.

    Oncor gave Britney Stanley photographic evidence that the meter lock and seal were broken. It also sent the allegations to her electric provider, Stream Energy, telling Stream that it could bill her by law more than $1,000 in fines and "stolen electricity usage."

    "I didn't even know where my meter was, much less know how to tamper with it," Stanley said.

    Battling Oncor Over Tampering

    [DFW] Battling Oncor Over Tampering
    A North Texas woman is battling Oncor over allegations she tampered with her meter. She's being billed more than a thousand dollars in fines and fees, but she says she did nothing wrong.

    Several of the meters at her North Dallas apartment complex appear to be tampered with.

    She lives in a North Dallas apartment complex where many of the meters next to hers appear to be also tampered with.

    A Tale of Two Smart Meters

    [DFW] A Tale of Two Smart Meters
    Oncor Electric Delivery says smart meters do not have a problem working with solar power, despite what a Plano customer says he was told.

    "I'm confused, shocked, and have no idea how it got that way," Stanley said.

    Stanley said she Oncor told her to call Stream when she called about the situation. But Stream told her to call Oncor.

    "I felt like a ping-pong ball between Oncor and Stream," she said.

    When contacted by a reporter, both Stream and Oncor said they would launch an investigation.

    "We have put a protection on her account until April until a final determination can be made as to whether or not the tampering charges will stand," Stream spokesman Paul Thies said.

    Only Oncor can make that determination.

    "We are going to look at the entire situation and see what can be done," Oncor spokesman Chris Schein said.

    Shein said that Oncor investigators would visit Stanley on Thursday to review the allegations.

    "I just hope I get it resolved, because I can't afford $1,045 in fees and fines," Stanley said.

    He also said Oncor would meet with the apartment manager to see how the meters on the property can be better protected.