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Frisco Councilman Lighter in the Waist (and the Wallet)

Fallon wins weight-loss bet, but donates $25,000 to charity anyway

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    There were no losers in a bet over whether Pat Fallon could lose 40 pounds.

    One of Collin County's heavy hitters is a now a lot lighter.

    Frisco Councilman Pat Fallon stepped on the scale at Lochrann's Irish Pub on Thursday for his weight-loss challenge after a last-minute sweat in a sauna, 19 miles per day and counting every calorie.

    Fallon was challenged to lose 40 pounds in four months or else donate $25,000 to local charity Frisco Family Services.

    His lean, trim-looking figure had workers at the charity nervous when he walked in.

    “We know he has not been eating for a few days,” said Jill Cumnock, executive director. “He's been working out like crazy.”

    According to word on the street, Fallon worked out twice before the weigh-in. Supposedly, he was 6 pounds over his target weight of 202.5 pounds just last week.

    “I can neither confirm or deny those reports,” he said.

    But the councilman weighed in at 201.8 pounds, besting his goal by less than 1 pound. He immediately chugged a bottle of water.

    Fallon said he simply craved water, not cheeseburgers and fries, after running nearly 20 miles a day in the last few weeks and shrinking his waist more than 6 inches.

    Despite winning the bet, Fallon was also lighter in the wallet. He gave FFS a check for $25,000, and other pledges raised the amount by another $6,500.

    All of the money will be used to fund the charity’s summer lunch program, which feeds kids who qualify for assistance through their school’s lunch program -- about 6,500 meals.

    ”So he's feeding the kids this summer -- what he did tonight was huge,” Cumnock said.

    But Fallon's journey isn't over. Getting the weight off was just step one.

    "The important thing is not what I weigh today, it's what I weigh a year from now and 10 years from and 30 years from now, “ he said.

    And Fallon said he wants his life with his wife and two young sons to be a long, healthy one.