Thousands of People Look to Fill Hundreds of Jobs

4,000 people expected to apply for 400 jobs at the new Omni Hotel in Dallas

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    More than 4,000 anxious job-seekers are expected to fill the Dallas Convention Center through Saturday in hopes of landing something that has been increasingly harder to find in recent years: a job.

    The new Omni Hotel in Dallas has about 400 openings for everything from housekeepers and cooks to income auditors and accountants.

    Thousands Look For Work at New Omni Hotel

    [DFW] Thousands Look For Work at New Omni Hotel
    The new Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas held a job fair Friday. (Published Friday, Sept. 16, 2011)

    "It is stiff competition," said Ed Netzhammer, Omni Hotels regional vice president. "There's lots of great people looking for work."

    For some, looking for work has been full-time work.

    "I've been looking for over six months now, about seven months," said Henry Young, who was applying for his first job in 25 years.

    "It has been fierce. There's not many jobs out here," said Young. "Twenty-five years ago, if I quit a job over here, I could wait a week or two weeks and get a job over there, right across the street. That don't happen no more."

    As the months and interviews add up, so can the stress. But Jasper Cook, who is balancing school and work, is not discouraged.

    "It's a little difficult, but if you have the right determination, will and drive, then it's not a problem," said Cook.

    The Omni job fair is scheduled to continue Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Dallas Convention Center next to the hotel.

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