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TWU's Mechanics & Related, Stores Workers Ratify New Agreements

All 7 AA/TWU groups now have ratified agreements



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    American Airlines employees that are members of the Transport Workers Union's Mechanic & Related and Stores work groups approved new labor contracts Wednesday.

    Mechanics & Related narrowly approved theirs by a vote of 50.25 percent to 49.75 percent while Stores workers approved theirs 79 percent to 21 percent.

    “Today’s ratification of the Mechanic & Related and Stores agreements is an important step forward in our restructuring. We know these were difficult decisions, and we appreciate our people taking the time to voice their opinions through the voting process," said Bruce Hicks, American Airlines spokesperson. "The ratified agreements will help American reach our targeted cost savings and increase productivity and network flexibility, while preserving nearly 1,900 TWU jobs that would have been eliminated under the original term sheets and offering pay increases for TWU employees."

    The agreements include a 3 percent pay raise for M&R workers and 3.5 percent increase for Stores workers.  Both six-year deals include improved health insurance and a market readjustment based on average industry compensation after 36 months.

    The agreements reduce concessions by $54 million for M&R and by $4.51 million for Stores workers.

    According to Gary Peterson, president of Local 565, the AFW hangar will close by the end of the year. With it, shedding anywhere from 500-1,000 jobs.

    All seven TWU work groups, representing 25,000 American Airlines employees, now have ratified labor agreements with American Airlines.

    NBC 5's Ray Villeda contributed to this report.

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