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Where Can I Find That Coupon?

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I've received loads of questions lately on how to find Internet Printable (IP) coupons...I'm here to clear the confusion.

There are tons of ways to find the coupons you need - and most are on my favorite blogs. I love Hot Coupon World and A Full Cup - both sites have links to a "coupon database" that will find any coupon you want - for FREE! Some are IP's, while others may be locations in your weekly inserts, blinkies, tear pads, etc. Check them out if you're on the search for a specific coupon!

I also like Slick Deals, here is a link to find loads of IP coupons - they're only a click away!

If you are required to enter any information prior to printing a coupon, always be sure to use a separate email address instead of your own. That way, you can control the amount of junk email you receive & keep it all in one place!

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