Taste of Winter for North Texas

First snow flurries fall across DFW

Artic air moved into North Texas Tuesday bringing light sleet and snow flurries.

The snow and sleet lasted only a few minutes, but managed to cover some surfaces.

"It's like real snow," Cedar Hill resident Barbara Boakye said. "I feel like I am in New York or something."

The wintry weather got a warm welcome as it moved across the Metroplex.

"It is snowing here in Texas," Red Oak resident Belen Amaton said. "I mean, this is rare. This is beautiful, especially for the Christmas season."

In Cedar Hill, the snow fell hard enough to coat car windshields and rooftops, even sticking in some places.

"You can actually feel it on your face," Boakye said. "I am getting stuff on my glasses."

Dallas also saw a light dusting of snow. A city representative said crews will assess the roads at midnight and identify any problem areas before the Wednesday morning commute.

At least one weather-related crash was reported late Tuesday night. A sheriff's deputy said he hit a patch of ice on Interstate 30 at Carroll in Dallas that sent his cruiser skidding across the highway.

A truck then hit the deputy's car. The deputy went to the hospital to be checked out.

The snow is expected to end across North and East Texas early Wednesday and travel is not expected to be affected.

We're expecting a breezy and cold day Wednesday with temperatures only reaching 46 degrees.

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