Memorial Day

Rain Keeps Many North Texans Indoors on Memorial Day

The forecast shows more wet days ahead this week.

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Many North Texans spent most of Memorial Day weekend indoors because of the weather. It rained most of the day Monday, and the forecast shows several more days of it on the horizon.

“Oh, I am not happy about that,” Patrice Peoples said.

At Turtle Creek Monday, the water was rising. Scooters sat idle, and there was almost no foot traffic. White Rock Lake wasn't busy either. Some North Texans had to change their plans because of the weather.

“We played golf yesterday and we got rained out during that, and then we were supposed to have a pool party today, but that is not going well either. So kind of just making the best of it, going to go to a friends house and have lunch,” Chris Tysdal said.

Rodney Sam is making the best of it too.

“It is raining, but it is Memorial Day, but you know, we had a good day on Saturday and Sunday,” Sam said.

“With everything going on, I’m sure a bright sunshiny day would have been nice for Memorial Day weekend, but you still got to remember what today is all about,” Chris Poston said.

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