North Texas

North Texas Volunteers to Deploy to Hurricane-Ravaged Florida

When disaster strikes, North Texas volunteers try to respond in a major way. On Wednesday, volunteers from Rapid Hope Disaster Relief of West Fort Worth plan to make their way to hurricane-ravaged Florida.

The team will bring an industrial food truck on a mission to provide hot meals and water.

“[We] will provide meals and services to families, as long as our donations allow us to. Our hope is to serve for weeks and even months to come,” Rapid Hope representative Kelly Chasteen said.

The group has provided assistance for communities in need since 2011 including Joplin, Missouri following the tornado of 2011 and those affected by hurricanes Sandy and Harvey.

“Our mission [is] to go in after a natural disaster and provide basic necessities including home-cooked hot meals, water, medical needs, and showers by uniting and equipping those whose hearts and skills can be utilized to serve others,” Chasteen added.

Chasteen said the length of time volunteers can remain in Florida is dependent on how long donations last. The group encourages North Texas to help their effort by visiting their website.

“One-hundred percent of every dollar donated is used for disaster relief,” Chasteen said. “Rapid Hope is completely run by volunteers.”

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