Drought Conditions Now Cover 94% of Texas

Texas is on track to have the largest drought since 2012

NBC 5 News

Drought conditions now cover 94% of the state of Texas. That's a jump of 7% over last week when 87% of the state was under drought conditions.

The drought is expected to increase with our very hot and dry forecast and Texas could see the largest drought since January 2012.

January through June 2022 was the sixth-driest first-half of a year on record in Texas. The state averaged less than eight inches of precipitation.

Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, DFW Airport has not seen measurable rainfall in over 40 days. Despite a few scattered thunderstorms recently in North Texas rain did not fall at the airport, our official record-keeping site.

North Texas has a rainfall deficit of 9.34 inches for the year and the long-range forecast does not look good.

The seasonal outlook put out by the Climate Prediction Center keeps parts of North Texas in an area where below-normal precipitation is expected.

Source: NOAA
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