2016 Likely to Become Warmest Year Ever Recorded Worldwide

Heat generic

The last few nights, temperatures have dipped into the teens across North Texas. Those are the coldest temperatures we have seen at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport since January 2014.

But overall, 2016 is shaping up to be the warmest year ever recorded worldwide. A few spots in the middle of the oceans have been cooler than normal, but most of the globe has seen temperatures well above normal – or even at record warm levels.

When you compare to the baseline temperatures from 1881-1910, the year 2010 was the hottest ever recorded, worldwide – until 2014, which set a new record. And that lasted only until 2015, which again set a record for the hottest year.

And with only a few weeks to go, it appears almost certain that 2016 will eclipse 2015 as the new record-holder for hottest year ever worldwide.

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