Longtime Dallas Reverend Receives Ceremonial Street Sign

Reverend Dr. Bookman ministered at Morningstar Baptist Church for over 40 years

The city of Dallas honored Reverend Dr. Walter Bookman, a longtime reverend in the city, by adding a sign with his name atop the Dennison Street sign.

The sign toppers will be installed on Dennison Street between Puget Street and Harston Street.

Sign toppers are installed to demonstrate neighborhood unity.

His name will be displayed on the street surrounding New Morning Star Baptist Church, a church he has ministered at for more than 40 years.

Ceremony held for the unveiling of sign toppers in honor of Rev. W. Bookman.

Residents of West Dallas and members of the New Morning Star Baptist Church witnessed the sign topper unveiling ceremony Friday morning.

"Rev. Bookman led with compassion and his life's work made major changes for his church community," said Mayor Pro Tem Omar Narvaez.

The city of Dallas honored Dr. Rev. Walter Bookman's legacy as the first African American male in the city of Dallas to be honored with a topper.

The New Morning Star Baptist Church is located on 1932 Dennison St. Dallas, TX 75212.

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