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Garden Café Cauliflower Soup



    Garden Café Cauliflower Soup
    Annie Potasznik
    Cauliflower soup with fresh chives at Garden Cafe.

    Sauté ½ cup chopped white onion and 1 tsp. chopped fresh garlic in ½ tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
    Chop 1 head of cauliflower into bit size pieces and add 2 qts. chicken  stocks to pot, boil cauliflower 10 minutes, and add small amount of salt and pepper

      Set aside 1/3 of cooked cauliflower 
    Put 2/3 of cooked cauliflower in blender (blend approx. 2 minutes) pour back into pot
    Add 1 qt heavy cream to pot and stir
    Add 1/3 reserved cauliflower (not blended) to pot for texture
    Add 1 tbsp. chopped fresh parsley, ½ tbsp. chopped winter savory, and stir
    Serve and garnish soup with fresh chopped chives