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Don't Piss Off a DFW Chef



    Don't Piss Off a DFW Chef
    Radhika didn't make the "cut" on Top Chef, but she sure shows a good reason not to mess with a culinary wizard.

    There are a couple of rules we really stick to Around Town. First, never start a land war in Asia. But at a close second is simply, don't piss off a DFW chef.

    Our second rule was completely validated this week when we had not one, but two high-profile chefs send biting messages to local foodie blogs.

    Most recently, Sharon Hage of York Street had to send out e-mail correcting an item about her involvement with a possible Henderson Avenue restaurant called Jones. It all started with GuideLive's EATS Blog post on with info from Donald Chick on his planned opening on May 15th. In it, he claimed Hage helped pick out the exec. chef for his latest venture. Not so much, says Hage in her missive to PegasusNews. She claims Chick and Hage met twice, where she suggested the chef Chick eventually hired. With no stake in the restaurant, Hage claims Chick was name-dropping her to drum up press for the new eatery. Fury rating: 3

    Then there's former Top Chef contestant (and total hottie) Casey Thompson. She showed back up on Top Chef for the season finale in a pretty big spectacle that someclaim ruined the competition for contestant Carla. Casey disagrees pretty darn fiercly in a message sent to SideDish. SideDish posts that message (including the "I'm done with TC [Top Chef]" line) and we're in full drama mode. The third act comes when that post apparentlytaxes D Mag servers and goes national with sites like dListed, which suddenly gets sends Casey into damage control, at some point claiming SideDish's Sarah Eveans tricked her into saying those things. By the time fellow Disher Nancy Nichols steps in to vindicate D Mag, we've got more drama than a drag queen that doesn't have his/her falsies. Fury Rating: 9

    What's next? Kent Rathbun railing on Robert Wilonsky (and us, by proxy) for spoiling his Blue Plate surprise? Hopefully not.