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Beef Prices on the Rise, and That's No Bull

Cost of Cattle On The Rise



    If the cost of your Valentines’ Day dinner is a little pricier than years past, beef may be to blame. The average price of nearly every cut is up compared to last year. 

    Sambuca 360 in Plano is just one of several restaurants we spoke with that say they've seen an increase in the price of beef products like filets and tenderloins. 

    According to the restaurant’s owner, Kim Forsythe there are several factors that cause the cost of cattle to go up. Forsythe said the recent winter blast put a strain on the grain industry, and since that's what ranchers use to feed the cattle, the cost went up. 

    Fuel prices are also on the rise, so that's tacked on to the distribution cost. Finally, Forsythe said inflation is also to blame.

    Beef Prices on the Rise

    [DFW] Beef Prices on the Rise
    The cost of that steak dinner is going up, you can blame the weather, fuel prices and inflation for the rising price of beef.
    (Published Monday, Feb. 14, 2011)

    Restaurants are trying to keep the cost from being passed on to the consumer, but Forsythe said there's only so much restaurant owners can do without sacrificing quality.

    "Some restaurants change out the product maybe go more towards a skirt or sirloin, more affordable cuts, but you want to make sure you're putting a good quality product on the plate which we put out a very nice cab product and be consistent with that," Forsythe said.

    We checked the price of beef online and according to the USDA, the cost of all cuts except boneless bottom sirloin are up.

    Inside Sambuca 360 Degrees

    [DFW] Inside Sambuca 360 Degrees
    The cougars of Plano will have a new place to hang out when Sambuca 360 Degrees opens in the old home of Martini Park.
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2009)

    Sambuca said they have not yet raised the price on their menus, but if the cost of beef continues to rise, they'll have no choice but to do so.