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What You're Doing Tonight: Wednesday, May 27

Art meets music, Manchester Orchestra plays and 'Happy Days' goes live



    What You're Doing Tonight: Wednesday, May 27
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    Andy Hull and his Manchester (non)Orchestra bandmates play at The Loft tonight.

    SPONTANEOUS B.S.: For participating artists, it's a mind-to-mind contact sport. For bar-goers and art patrons, it's a wonderfully weird slinging of paint, chalk, etc. set to music. The BS Art Fusion Show has invited art to happen organically at Rubber Gloves for a year now, with local artists collaborating live to produce pieces like this one.Matthew and the Arrogant Sea and DJ G play the birthday party installment tonight. 9PM, free for 21 and up, $2 for minors.

    RICH IN SPIRIT: Manchester Orchestrahosted MTV2's Subterraneanlast week and premiered the video for "100 Dollars", a surprisingly lump-throated song during which frontman Andy Hull wails that he's "fine, I am fine, I am fine, I just need 100 dollars." Poignant and timely and everything, but Manchester Orchestra shouldn't be hard up for cash: see the unplugged in-office session that Spin contributed to the ongoing buzz surrounding the Get Up Kids for a new generation of thinkers. The Loft, $10/$13, 8:30PM.

    HEEEEY: Happy Days the musical opened at Fair Park yesterday, but we're gonna throw up our thumbs like the Fonz and tell you tonight's the night to go. Who better to dance you through the humpday (with very little hump) than Richie, Potsie, Ralph Malph, and their leather-jacketed dictator? Okay, there are more likely characters to get down with abandon, but choreographer Michele Lynch did work on Hairspray. Music Hall at Fair Park, 8PM.