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Star Treatment

Madonna’s personal aesthetician talks oxygen at The Ritz



    Star Treatment
    Courtesy of intraceuticals
    Michelle Peck splits her time touching stars between Santa Monica, New York and Milan.

    Nothing says ‘in demand’ like traveling the world as Madonna’s personal aesthetician and having celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez count on you for their pre-Oscar glow.

    When we met Healer/Skincare Professional, Michelle Peck at The Ritz-Carlton, the petite, raven-haired porcelain doll of a powerhouse was fresh off an intense week of Oscar insanity in Los Angeles.

    She didn’t have a shred of jet lag in her demeanor or any extra eye baggage. Despite a slight limp (post-Oscar party foul), Peck was in fabulous form.

    That said, someone like Peck often gets ‘hit up’ to endorse a ton of products because of her connections and overall expertise in all things epidermis.

    So when the Intraceuticals skin care company from Australia approached Peck about using their products seven years ago, she wasn’t an easy sell. That is, until she tried the Intraceuticals Infusion treatment on half of her face. When she compared the oxygen-infused side next day to the side left untreated, she was sold.

    “I wasn’t comfortable putting my name behind any oxygen treatment until I found one that really worked. This was the first one where results were instant, the process was calming and continued to work after I walked out the door,” said Peck.

    Two Words: Penetration and Hydration

    So how does Intraceuticals Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen Infusion treatment work? Well, an aesthetician waves a wand and voilà --brighter, firmer more flawless skin. It’s not magic though.

    The reality is, that by hydrating skin and penetrating the deeper layers of at the same time, lips and fine lines are plumped painlessly.

    The airbrush applies a pressurized, therapeutic-grade oxygen, plus hyaluronic acid (found naturally in skin) and specialized serums.

    So instead of just blasting skin with oxygen and then spraying some vitamins on a topical level, it rejuvenates from the inside out.

    It’s all about the layers, just like a few seasons ago when a button down shirt underneath a cardigan, topped with a sweater vest, two-tiered jacket and tie was hip -– great skin comes from treating its fundamental layers.

    The spa at The Ritz-Carlton in Dallas is the only local beauty bar to offer this fabulous treatment from down under. Treatments start at $225 and go up to $375. At-home maintenance products are also for sale at The Ritz.

    Click here to learn how you can breathe more life into your skin.

    Now hydrate!