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Mayfest Organizers Say They'll Be Back

Event organizers say Mayfest will return in 2010



    Under the Tucson Sun

    Mayfest is coming back for 2010, according to event organizers.

    Mayfest supporters received an e-mail this week saying not even the flu will stop the festival like it did this year.

    The message came as a surprise to the event's usual hosts -- Fort Worth city officials tell the Star-Telegram they were unaware of the announcement.

    The longterm future of Mayfest is still unclear though as the non-profit group needs to make back the half-million dollars lost to this year's event.

    "Right now we have enough money to move forward [for Mayfest 2010], with the exception of the operating reserve," said Elizabeth Basham, Mayfest Inc. executive director told the Star-Telegram. "We’re missing our savings account."