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No Meeting For Elton John and "Jilted" Ex



    Few people know that a piece of Elton John's past lives in North Texas. The British music sensation performed Saturday night at the Fort Worth Convention Center arena with Leon Russell. His ex-fiancee, who lives in Euless, has been trying to reconnect with him.

    The concert was the first time John has performed so close to home for Linda Hannon since she moved to North Texas. As Hannon looks back at photos of John, she remembers the happy and painful memories in England more than 40 years ago.

    "I just never, never imagined that he would be who he is today," she said. "I first met Reg in Sheffield, and we got on, we clicked on pretty well."

    Hannon still refers to John by his real name, Reginald Dwight, and has the engagement ring she bought herself when John didn't have enough money to. Now 66, Hannon still remembers when John came home drunk in 1970, ended their relationship, walked out of her life, and became an international star.

    Elton John's "Jilted" Ex Looks to Reconnect

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    "He just said that he wasn't ready for marriage, that his music career had to come first," Hannon said. "I was absolutely devastated."

    She never heard from him again but kept an old newspaper with the headline "Elton Jilted Me." Hannon says John's song "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" is about John's friend and songwriter saving him from marrying a "dominating queen," as the lyrics go.

    "That's always very painful because it's not really accurate. I mean, we were quite happy," Hannon said. "But the rest of his music, I tap around to. I really enjoy listening to it."

    John married another woman in 1984, only to divorce her and come out as gay.

    "I'm just very, very happy that he's found true love in his life at last," Hannon said. "I would just very much like the opportunity to see him again. Really, I would just probably tell him what I've been doing, about my family, my sons, my grandchildren."

    But she's had no luck arranging a meeting -- not even during John's recent tour stop. Hannon was unable to see the piano-playing legend during his visit to Fort Worth.

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    "Unfortunately, I did not get to meet Reg," Hannon told NBCDFW on Sunday morning. "I was very disappointed, as you can imagine. I just think that the word never got to him that I lived in the neighborhood."


    NBCDFW's Shane Allen contributed to this report.