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9/28: Get Interactive



    9/28: Get Interactive
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    In a "White Ranger" style turn of events, Peelander Blue has been replaced by Peelander Green.

    PUNK PLANET: "We are not Japanese. We are not American. We are Peelander-Z!" a guy in a yellow M&M suit screams into the mic at sweaty kids moshing in plaid and glitter. The only action-comic trio to turn Rubber Gloves into a human bowling alley has orbited back to Denton on the heels of P-Pop-High School. See them rock it -- and, perhaps, hop on stage to claim an instrument -- after Birthday Suits and Stew! play. Doors at 9PM.

    TOP BEAN: Coffee connoisseur, your order's up at the bar! The Pearl Cup is sponsoring a Barista Jam, where discerning caffeine addicts and their aproned suppliers from all over the city can meet and geek out over the nuances of roasts by Pearl fave Coffee Eiland andCuvee Coffee of Austin. Tastings, latte art and how-tos are possible from 6PM-8PM.

    MULTI-SENSORY FIX: Ever wonder about that Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia lurking within the powerhouse of University of North Texas music programs? Director Andrew May, most recognized for composing chamber music played by a mix of human performers and computer systems, presents a free recital of new electroacoustic music called Centerpieces at 8PM in the Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater.