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4/26: Love and Laughter



    4/26: Love and Laughter
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    David Sedaris speaks at SMU tonight.

    DRESS YOUR FAMILY IN FUNNY: We like to think of author David Sedaris' work as a sort of how-to for achieving a good-humored, flexible nuclear family: when your mother's beloved cat passes, for instance, wait a little (a few days, maybe) and feign a request from Cat Fancy to photograph said cat. Transcending the zaniness of his sister, Amy, by offering wisdom instead, Sedaris shares his delightful wit with ticket holders at SMU's McFarlin Auditorium thanks to the Dallas Museum of Art. Sold out. 7:30PM.

    PANIC IN THE WINGS: When two best friends and Broadway fans write a musical about writing a musical for the New York Musical Theatre Festival, the result offers a meta-slice of life backstage for true theater obsessives. Said tribe should know [title of show] is at Theatre Three. Tickets start at $10. Call 214.871.3139. 7:30PM.

    HAMMOCK SOUNDTRACK: Megafaun has new songs from a forthcoming mini-album to play at Hailey's tonight. "Volunteers" is a chatty, antiqued banjo jam in an easy mid-tempo with a great harmonica bridge. See the North Carolinians with Breathe Owl Breathe. Doors at 9PM.

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