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Texas Asks Feds for Rail Money



    Texas Asks Feds for Rail Money
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    Are high-speed bullet trains, like this one from China, going to soon be commonplace in Texas?

    Texas wants $1.7 billion from the federal government to help develop high-speed rail service between its major cities.

    The Dallas Morning News reports state transportation officials submitted a preliminary grant application to the Federal Railway Administration. The agency is developing guidelines and awarding grants for developing high-speed rail service nationwide. Grants are to be awarded later this year.

    Texas hopes to use the $1.7 billion to eventually link Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston with trains traveling at speeds exceeding 200 mph. The state also wants $200 million for less ambitious projects.

    Texas faces an uphill climb for the money since federal guidelines favor states that have already moved toward developing high-speed rail. However, rules are expected to be refined this summer that could give Texas a better shot.