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Southwest Passenger Throws In-Flight Tantrum

Denied e-cigarette, man throws peanuts at attendant



    Southwest Passenger Throws In-Flight Tantrum
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    by Bruce Felps

    A guy by the name of Pogos Paul Sefilian (below, right) must be asking himself today whether or not it was worth it.

    The FBI arrested the dude earlier this week when the Southwest Airlines Los Angeles-Salt Lake City flight he was on arrived at its destination.

    The feds nabbed Pogos — normally a last name would be used on subsequent references but Pogos is too great a name to pass up — because he allegedly interfered with the flight crew, which typically results in a change of overnight venues from hotel to hoosegow.

    Seems our anti-hero wanted, bad, to fire up an electronic cigarette, or e-cig, while airborne. A flight attendant said, 'Oh, no you don’t,' and Pogos didn’t, but tried again later.

    When told a second time to douse — or stub or turn off or deactivate or whatever you do with an e-cig — the thing, Pogos let loose his inner 4-year-old and threw a tantrum, peanuts, and pretzels at the flight attendant. He also started unlatching the overhead compartments as the plane began its approach to the airport. He must have been a real treat for his mom when she took him to the grocery store.

    Anyway, the flight crew called Pogos’ new law enforcement buddies, who greeted him at the gate and took him to his temporary lodging.

    Wonder if e-cigs are as valuable a commodity in jail as their conventional counterparts.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He got one serious buzz after lighting up following a Chicago-to-Dublin flight.