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Man Wins Lamborghini; Crashes it Hours Later

Had the $380G car less than one day



    Man Wins Lamborghini; Crashes it Hours Later
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    The Lamborghini Gallardo

    A Utah man won a $380,000 Lamborghini and then promptly crashed it six hours later.

    David Dopp, of Santaquin, won the ultimate luxury ride in a contest sponsored by charity Teamgive and convenience store chain Maverik dubbed "Joe Schmo to Lambo." GHe got the keys and the car on Dec. 17.

    "Yeah, I got it on Saturday and I wrecked it on Saturday," Dopp, a truck driver, told

    Dopp was one of thousands who entered the contest, and his victory was announced at halftime of the Nov. 12 BYU football game. When he finally got the car, he gave pals rides, took plenty of pictures and then ... wrecked the 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago.

    "We were coming up a hill, going around a corner; and as soon as we came up the hill, we either hit some black ice or loose gravel or something, and all of a sudden we just started spinning," Dopp said. "We ended up in a field, and I back-ended a couple of fence posts."

    Fortunately, the contest rules required Dopp to have insurance. He paid $3,500 to insure the car for six months. On Wednesday, the car was on its way to a Las Vegas bodyshop that specializes in luxury auto repair. It has front-end damage, a puncture in the wheel, and scratches all along the passenger side.

    "That's what insurance is for," Dopp shrugged.

    Once it's fixed, the car will be sold so Dopp can pay some bills, he said.