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Sprint's Quest for Speedy Cell Service



    Sprint's Quest for Speedy Cell Service
    Sprint's HTC EVO is the first 4G smart phone in the United States.

    Sprint can claim victory in the quest to offer smart phone users the fastest download service available -- at least temporarily.

    On Friday, Sprint Nextel Corp. launched the HTC EVO, the first U.S. 4G smart phone.

    When put to the test, the EVO functioned well and appeared to load pages noticeably faster than a 3G iPhone on AT&T's network.

    The downside? Sprint says 4G service is spotty.

    Smart Phone Wars

    [DFW] Smart Phone Wars
    The battle is on to make the fastest smart phone, an Sprint is claiming victory with 4G service.
    (Published Wednesday, June 9, 2010)

    "HTC designs good phones, the only problem is the amount of coverage you will get," said Jerry Kaufman, a technology expert with Alexander Resources.

    Sprint's 4G service launched in the Metroplex late last year. It is available in just more than 30 U.S. cities.

    But Kaufman said it's only a matter of time before other carriers catch up with Sprint.

    "The competition will go on and on and on," he said. "Every year, you'll hear about a new generation, first it will be four-and-a-half G, then 5G."

    Best Buy's Ivan Jones said the competition for the fastest service has exploded over the past two years.

    "There is a very healthy competition going on, but I believe that is good for the consumer," he said. "When you have competition, that gives us better products."