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I Just Tweeted To Say, "I Love You"

The right and wrong way to use social networking on Mother's Day



    I Just Tweeted To Say, "I Love You"
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    There's a right way and wrong way to use social networking for Mother's Day.

    More people than ever are taking to social networking sites to find the best and most creative ways to say, "Happy Mother's Day."

    Heather Martin already has her Mother's Day plans in the bag thanks to a social networking site. She plans to take her mother and twin sister to a spa for massages, pedicures and manicures.

    "I saw an offer, and I signed up for it," she said.

    And like any good Twitter user, Martin passed the deal on to friends.

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    "Once I found the promotion, I even re-tweeted it on my Twitter and got a few other friends to sign up as well," she said.

    Internet marketing guru Ernie Capobianco said the process is quite common. Facebook now has 350 million users, and Twitter has 100 million.

    "We can't walk away from social media," he said. "In fact, people are embracing it."

    Companies big and small are using it to their advantage. Like Martin's spa, lots of companies are using the services to promote big savings that only the social-networking savvy can find.

    Capobianco said that's the right way to use the Web for Mother's Day. When it comes to expressing your love, don't do it in a tweet or a post, he said.

    "Mother's Day is not a high-tech holiday," he said. "It's a high-touch holiday, so you have to call your mother."

    Martin agreed, saying tweeting her mom never even crossed her mind.

    "Well, she's not on Twitter, so she probably wouldn't even know, so I think she'd rather the phone call or the spa day (or) both," she said.