Win or Lose, Nelly Cruz Signing Autographs Saturday

Win or lose, Nelson Cruz will be signing autographs tomorrow at the Academy Sports and Outdoors in Mesquite, according to a report from The Scoop Blog.

The outfielder will be there from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., hopefully celebrating being a World Champion.  Even if not, Cruz is a good autograph to get.  Before Friday's Game 7, he was tied for an MLB record 8 home runs in the postseason, last done by Carlos Beltran.

With one tonight, he'll own the record.

Another good reason to go, Cruz's ALCS and MVP award will be on display.

The Mesquite Academy is located at 3677 Emporium Circle.

Gotta say, showing up win or lose is pretty cool.  Atta boy Nelly.

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