University Park Elementary Students Stand Up For Rams QB Stafford

The LA Rams Quarterback went to University Park Elementary School

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The students at University Park Elementary school are cheering on LA Rams Quarterback Matthew Stafford. 

Stafford was a student there and two days before the Super Bowl, they held a big pep rally. 

A lot of the students wore shirts saying 'Stand Up For Stafford,' and other clothing to show support for him and the LA Rams.

Many of these kids weren’t even born before he started playing football in the NFL, but they learned a lot about him today when Highland Park High School Football Coach Randy Allen got the microphone at the event.

“When I first heard about Matthew Stafford, he was a fifth-grader and they said we have got this real mature young man that can throw the ball 60 yards in the air, 70 yards in the air, and he is going to be a great player. And so he started dreaming about being a great player when he was a University Park Panther. And I know he is going to be excited. I am going to send him the video of you guys cheering for him before he plays in the Super Bowl, and I know he will be very appreciative,” Coach Randy Allen said.

The Highland Park Cheerleaders, Highland Park Football captains, and former players got the kids revved up for Super Bowl Sunday.

“It’s really exciting for the kids too, to see someone like Matthew Stafford because it gives them a role model to look up to, like a person who was in the Super Bowl went to this school. It kind of shows them that anything is possible,” said Grant Gibson, Highland Park graduate.

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