Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys Follow Up Fake Punt With Bizarre Delay of Game

Another Dallas penalty took the shine off a nice special teams play


Bryan Anger is having a busy day.

The Dallas Cowboys punter launched a football into the AT&T Stadium video board in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, he used his arm.

Anger executed a fake punt by finding C.J. Goodwin near the right sideline, giving the Cowboys a crucial first down.

What happened after is … hard to explain.

Dallas kept its special teams unit out on the field and lined up as if it was going to run another play on first-and-10. However, with the play clock winding down, the Cowboys did a full switch and sent out its offense. By the time the official allowed the Cowboys to snap the ball, there was just one second on the play clock and Dallas was called for a delay of game.

Penalties have doomed Dallas throughout Sunday’s wild card matchup. The team is up to 11 penalties on the day.

The Cowboys wound up settling for a field goal on the drive that made it a 23-10 game.

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