Sorry, You'll Have to Pay for That Honda

North Texas' Vandergriff Honda is likely thanking Baltimore pitchers Alfredo Simon and Brian Bass for giving up 9 runs Thursday to the New York Yankees.

This spring, the dealership kicked-off a promotion that would have paid for hundreds of thousands of dollars in cars depending on how the MLB season began for the Yankees and Rangers.

Between March 9-16, anyone who bought a new Honda from Vandergriff was eligible to be reimbursed the cost of the vehicle if the Yankees started the season 0-4 while the Rangers started out 4-0.

On Thursday, the Rangers held up their end of the deal by breaking out the broom and sweeping the Cleveland Indians in a high-scoring 12-8 game three.  The Yankees earned their first win of the 2009 season with an 11-2 win over Baltimore earlier in the afternoon -- dashing the hopes of many new Honda owners.

Vandergriff Honda had purchased a $1.5 million insurance policy to cover the loss in case the improbable happened.

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