Scoreboard Watching Didn't Go Well for Cowboys

Sure, the Dallas Cowboys got their wheels shot off on Thanksgiving Day by the NFC East-leading Philadelphia Eagles. The score was lopsided, and the game itself was even more so. It just flat-out wasn't good for the Cowboys, who fell into second place in the division and officially out of the playoff picture if the postseason began today.

But that wasn't the only bad thing that happened to the Cowboys in Week 13 because some of the other teams the Cowboys needed to win and lose didn't comply.

As we mentioned, if the postseason began today, the Cowboys wouldn't be a part of it, as both the Lions and Seahawks won to pull even with the Cowboys. But the Cowboys beat the Seahawks, you might say, so they would have the tiebreaker for one of the two NFC Wild Card spots, right? Nope. With it being a three-way tie, the head-to-head tiebreaker goes out the window and instead goes to NFC record. The Cowboys' four losses are all to NFC teams.

Another bad thing happened with the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons game as the Falcons whupped the Cardinals, who are reeling since losing Carson Palmer for the season a couple of weeks ago. The Seahawks, who are trending in the opposite direction, are now just one game back of the Cardinals in the NFC West.

If the Seahawks end up passing up the Cardinals and knocking Arizona into the Wild Card picture, that means another team that has a head-to-head tiebreaker over Dallas.

Fact of the matter is, the Cowboys' playoff hopes are getting muddier and muddier by the week and it's basically made Thursday's game in Chicago a must-win for Dallas.

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